2. Roadmap

The following table gives the roadmap for the coming features of foxBMS. Please note that the priority can change anytime.

Category Product/Service/Feature Free Not free Earliest schedule Released
Embedded Software Code cleanup for more comprehensive structure X   Q2 2017 2017-06-09
foxConda Linux and MacOS support X   Q2 2017 2017-06-09
BMS-Slave Boards 12 battery cells support offering external power supply option X   Q3 2017 2017-11-02
Environment Eclipse project files for easier code parsing and development X   Q4 2017 2017-12-13
Environment Migration from FrontDesk to a more comprehensive workflow X   Q4 2017 2017-12-13
Embedded Software 50Hz voltage measurement X   Q4 2017 2018-24-01
Embedded Software Enabling parametric SOC, SOE, and SOH_Q based on Coulomb counting X   Q1 2018  
BMS-Slave Boards 18 battery cells support X   Q1 2018  
BMS-Slave Boards 15 battery cells support X   Q1 2018  
BMS-Extension Board Raspberry Pi connection with Ethernet support X   Q2 2018  
BMS-Extension Board CAN-to-USB adapter for direct and easy data logging X   Q2 2018  
Embedded Software Support for interconnection of multiple BMS-Master Board X   Q2 2018  
BMS-Master Board Migration of MCU0 and MCU1 from Cortex-M4 to Cortex-M7 X   Q2 2018  
BMS-Slave Boards 12 battery cells with active cell balancing   X    
BMS-Slave Boards 20 battery cells support   X   Available
BMS-Master Board Fast charging with CCS support   X    
BMS-Slave Boards Addon board for sensorless cell temperature estimation   X